Lament for the Old Home

Updated: Apr 30

by Emily Porter - Maumee Valley Country Day School, Eighth Grade

Originally published in Springboard Teen Literary Journal's May 2019 print issue

Where is the lovely house where I grew up?

Where I would walk through the kitchen with hot chocolate

After a long day in the snow.

Where is the house that had so many tea parties?

Dress­ups and Barbie excursions galore.

Where is the house with the big, wood playset?

Where pirates, fairies, and princes lived.

Where is the house with a deck made for s’more roasting?

Or graduation parties or birthday parties or just a dinner outside.

Where is the house with the long pink hallway?

And a big bookshelf with magical stories at the end.

Where is the house with the bunk bed?

Where I could once sit up on top without hitting my head.

Where is the house with the memories?

Good and bad memories that can only be played back in moments like these.

Because now I’m all alone

In this scary world

And would really like a lovely place to sleep.


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